Little Lotus Music Therapy

Little Lotus music therapy provides intentionally crafted music therapy sessions to support and enrich the lives of young children (0-5) and families navigating trauma, abuse, homelessness, incarceration, foster care, teenage parenthood and/or poverty.

Integrating trauma informed care, psychology and early child development, groups are designed to safely encourage emotional, behavioral, social, communicative and cognitive development for both child and caregiver.

Our goal is to ensure that enriching family musical experiences are available to all people, regardless of social, economic, health or cultural constraint.

The Approach:

Facilitated and prepared by a board certified music therapist, parent/child sessions are designed to provide a safe, empowering and positive space for families with diverse backgrounds and needs.

Throughout the experience, the caregiver plays the crucial role of co-participant. They are invited to engage with their child and the group, with opportunities to offer guidance, assurance and direction throughout the session. Simultaneously, parents are supported towards their own clinical goals (as specified by the treatment team).

Using music as the medium, sessions foster a community of kindness, compassion and empathy.

**Music therapists are trained to develop and administer musical interventions for populations with critical needs and circumstances. A licensed professional is vital to the implementation of therapeutic music intervention for individuals managing mental illness, anxiety/stress, addiction, disability and trauma.

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Where are sessions held?

Little Lotus partners with organizations that provide services to the community. This includes a wide variety of sites! All that is needed is a location accessible to families in need and a room conducive to a group class.

  • Centers providing services to children (0-5) and their families

  • Women’s shelters

  • Community Agencies

  • Homeless shelters

  • Schools

  • Early Intervention Agencies

  • Wellness centers

  • Rehabilitation Centers

  • Hospitals

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