Early Childhood Development: Erik Erikson


Erik Erikson, a German psychologist who specialized in human development.  He believed it is lifelong process, beginning at birth and expanding throughout life.

Age 0-1½

In Erikson’s theory, from the age of 0-1½ children are exploring the concept of trust.  At this early age, children are establishing whether or not the world is a safe place, where they can depend on those around them for guidance and support.  An early opportunity to experience group interaction can reaffirm a sense of confidence and well being in an infant.  Their first memories of community are with security and positivity.  

Ages 2-4

From ages 2-4 children begin to realize themselves as independent beings.  They become determined to investigate on their own (the terrible twos…). Erikson believed that in this stage children are exploring the concept of will/volition.  They explore their environment to try new things, get help when they need it and be reassured that simply their effort is valuable. 


Connection to Little Lotus

The Little Lotus approach is built upon the belief that early opportunities to interact and explore in a structured, class setting benefit the ‘whole-child’ through the early stages of development.  Opportunity, inspiration and motivation are inherent in the music.  Within the class, children are seamlessly given opportunities to practice these important skills.

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