Not just a music class...WHY?

Whole-Child Development through Music

At Little Lotus we are passionate, honestly obsessed, with two things: the developing brain of children and the vast potential of music to encourage growth and well-being. Combining these two ideas, we have created our program (with so much love) offering families a chance to grow and explore side by side.

It is fun, it is exciting, it is dynamic…and it is also working those brain waves!

As more and more research is collected about development and early-childhood experience, we realize the long-term, life informing importance of our children’s first years.  Not only is the brain programming for optimal cognitive and motor functioning but also emotional, social, communicative and behavioral. Young children are as sponges, so intimately engaged in the moment, soaking in experiences with all 5 senses. 

Little Lotus offers enriching developmental experiences within the context of a music class. All leaders are certified music therapists, trained to create an engaging, safe and inspirational atmosphere through music. Appropriate to the developmental level of each child, the music therapist facilitates opportunities for growth and practice within the context of the music. Parents act as co-participant, modeling, assuring and celebrating with their child. Kids learn from one another, the older children beginning to guide the younger ones with compassion and empathy.

Our goal is to instill in young children a sense of belonging as independent beings. The unique qualities and expressions of each child are celebrated.  

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