Why the Lotus Flower?

Music is to the student, as the sun to the lotus flower: it calls and they reach for it. 

The caregiver is to the student as the water to the lotus flower: supporting, nurturing, guiding.

The teacher is to the student as the fresh air to the lotus flower: new, inspiring and exciting.


The seeds of the lotus flower take root in the bed of a pond or river.  The leaves grow at the surface.  The flower bud slowly reaches towards the surface of the water and, in the sunlight, eventually blooms. 

I see all my students rise within themselves in my music classes.  They are all so complete.  They are so bright and unique.  In the context of the music, there seems to be a heightened sense of adventure and freedom.  It is a language we all speak no matter age, culture or experience.   

Little Lotus Music…when and how did I think of that? I have to go back and dig a little.  The exact date and time elude me.  I believe I was just daydreaming, probably in my car, where I have had some of my more grandiose ideas.   

If you have ever had to pick a name for something, you know the experience ranges.   This was one of those, oh so coveted, vualá moments.  And it happened years before now, but I felt it like an affirmation.  As the name formed, the mechanism was set into motion, far be it from me to know how it would all fit together.  CALIFORNIA?! Never would have guessed ;)