Bette Miller, MT-BC

Bette Miller has been creating music with children and their families for many years, always with the belief that music is an innate aspect of each of us.  There is no culture that has not made music part of their tradition and history.  We are drawn to it and enchanted by it.   

Bette followed her curiosity and passion to Berklee College of Music in Boston, where she earned her degree in Music Therapy.  Through her studies, she solidified her belief that music is an unparalleled tool to move and inspire people to heal, develop and discover their greatest potential.  She has interned at schools, hospitals, assisted-living facilities and community centers, at each place learning new ways to use music as a tool for clinical development.

The seed of Little Lotus Music was planted years ago and has since bloomed into a unique curriculum that is focused on the whole-child.  What does that mean?  Well, the classes are designed beyond the songs, focused on creating musical opportunities for young children to practice social, behavioral, cognitive and motor skills too.

...and rock out, of course!