Little Lotus Community Music Groups:

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What to expect:

  • Classes run for 45 minutes over a 9-12 week session.

  • Children and caregivers sit comfortably in a semi circle on the floor, facing each other and the teacher. As soon as everyone is settled, the first chord on the guitar rings out and the class begins!

  • Children are not expected to sit still but are encouraged to focus and engage with the music, their caregiver and the group. As the music ensues, movement, instruments and props are introduced throughout the class.

  • No experience necessary, the facilitator will guide you through it all.


Some of our non-musical goals:

This is our thing: Little Lotus Music is grounded in the belief that live, active music-making is a tool to encourage healthy development.  Not only is our original music of the highest professional quality, but it is paired with an understanding of early childhood education and psychology.  Here are some of the goals that informed the structure and music in our groups:

  • Build self-confidence

  • Reduce separation anxiety

  • Practice group-participation skills (

  • Promote independence

  • Experience joy


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Our Stories:

Student A, age 3, was very nervous at the start of the session.  Being in large groups was a new experience! Throughout the classes, he observed his caregiver and other children engaging through words, movement and music making.  The teacher gave him opportunities each class to make his own choices and contribute ideas, with no expectations, simply as a possibility.  Overtime, student A found his voice in the class.

Student M, age 2, is a wild child!  In her first few music classes, the caregiver and teacher offered consistent guidance and support to help her focus.  After a period of time, student M began to anticipate the class structure.  Slowly, she gained more independence and directed all of that beautiful energy into the music.  She became comfortable in the group, confidently and positively participating in the class.